Burckhardt Compression’s team planned and coordinated the works inside the CMR…

Burckhardt Compression has delivered a comprehensive overhaul service for Teekay LNG. As part of a long-term service agreement (LTSA) between the two companies, extensive planning and project management have ensured the time-critical project was completed on time, despite the extraordinary challenges of the Covid pandemic.

Part of Teekay’s LNG fleet, which is equipped with dual fuel propulsion systems that use Boil-Off Gas (BOG) for fuel, transports energy supplies around the world. Each of these vessels is equipped with a Laby-GI BOG compressor that supplies fuel to the main and auxiliary engines as well as the reliquification system and the gas combustion unit. After five years in operation, the compressor on the ‘Creole Spirit’ was due for a scheduled maintenance inspection during dry-dock in Singapore.

Dry-dock maintenance projects are planned years in advance. With hundreds of specialist technicians and engineers working for dozens of suppliers, precision coordination by all those involved is essential. The resources involved and the scale of these projects mean that everyone has to deliver their part perfectly for the on-time completion of the whole scheme.

The Burckhardt Compression team planned and coordinated the numerous groups of contractors working on the compressor skid in the confines of the Compressor Machinery Room (CMR) to ensure optimum working safety and efficiency. As the only BOG compressor on board, it is a crucial piece of equipment and the maintenance project was essential for continued availability.

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