CAREL, a multinational specialising in control solutions for the air-conditioning, refrigeration and air humidification sectors, presented its latest developments regarding user experience and connectivity at Chillventa. An upgraded offering of high-efficiency solutions that uses DC inverter technology to provide efficient solutions with low GWP and natural refrigerants for all climates, and applications of all sizes.

Connectivity in the system and Cloud services

At Chillventa, held between 16 and 18 October, CAREL demonstrated a complete solution to guarantee management and transfer of information. Starting from the controller, the unit’s brain that defines its operation, CAREL exhibited new product ranges with integrated connectivity.

At a system level, the ‘boss’ range has been extended with the introduction of boss mini, the local supervisory solution for managing, monitoring and optimising sites such as convenience stores, cold stores, service stations and small commercial buildings. The boss range provides complete monitoring of the site, and automatically implements different functions for reducing energy consumption.

The offering of Cloud-based services varies according to the application and connectivity architecture. RemotePRO can centralise all the information from individual local supervisors to provide global control of all connected systems. Armilla is the web portal that optimises marketing analysis and technical maintenance for beverage coolers. tERA is the platform for creating a centralised remote management system for both individual units and small HVAC/R systems.

APPLICA & CONTROLLA for a new user experience

APPLICA is the mobile service app developed as part of CAREL’s broader unit digitisation project, with the aim of facilitating both installation and maintenance. It allows users to interact with units via a simple and intuitive graphic interface. With APPLICA, the unit can be configured in one single operation, exchanging information with a remote service and receiving alerts in the event of alarms. APPLICA can be used to manage MPXone, the new CAREL controller retail refrigeration units, μCHILLER, the solution for the complete control of chillers and heat pumps, and Heez, the solution for refrigerated merchandisers.

Expanding its app portfolio, at Chillventa CAREL launched CONTROLLA, the new unit control app dedicated to end users. CONTROLLA stands out for its extensive usability, simplifying the operation of efficient and high-performance systems and allowing the unit’s owner to have the system remote control in their pocket at all times. Graphic flexibility and usability are the main features that distinguish CONTROLLA.

CAREL Application

Natural and low-GWP refrigerants, efficiency in all climates

Chillventa 2018 saw the preview of a complete solution for residential heat pumps compatible with natural refrigerants. This is a ready-to-use system whose strengths are easy installation and completeness, in full compliance with the latest regulations and demands for natural and low-GWP refrigerants.

Also made its exhibition debut at Chillventa was Sistema DC Cella for developing CO2 systems for cold rooms based on DC inverter technology, minimising installation times and complexity.

CAREL also exhibited a vast range of controllers at Chillventa: With the addition of pR multi DC, multiple DC compressors can be managed in parallel on the same line, reaching new levels of energy efficiency in transcritical CO2 compressor racks. For the commercial refrigeration, Heos sistema, the renowned high efficiency water loop solution, is now available for propane, CO2 and HFOs. Hecu sistema, the high-efficiency solution for condensing units, is on show in the version compatible with natural refrigerants.

DC inverter technology

At Chillventa, CAREL presented all the benefits of DC inverter technology: complete and integrated solutions, a full package comprising HW, SW and application knowledge to facilitate end users in expanding their offering to include natural refrigerants.

CAREL can provide complete solutions that include the DC compressor, inverter, electronic expansion valve and electronic controller, in a ready-to-use system that features advanced control algorithms. Ease-of-use, safety and immediacy are the main features of CAREL’s solutions, designed and built to exploit very efficient technology in the simplest way, in a growing number of applications. 

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