The 26th of June was World Refrigeration Day, the day when the importance of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps is celebrated all over the world. “HVAC/R is a significant part of our daily lives, yet most of the time it is hidden from view”, commented Biagio Lamanna, CAREL HVAC/R Knowledge Center Manager. “As if to say it’s there, but you don’t see it. For this reason, CAREL has decided to make an active contribution to World Refrigeration Day 2020 and work to promote the awareness and importance of the subject.” CAREL’s campaign in support of World Refrigeration Day revolves around natural refrigerants, a topic that is very dear to us and is linked closely to environmental sustainability. Every week, we will reveal a few facts to help you learn more about the world of natural refrigerants and CO2. On 26 June a summary infographic will put together the pieces of the puzzle, and an educational video will explore the world of natural refrigerants. “We opted for an infographic and a more captivating way of presenting information to extend the target audience”, Lamanna continued. “Simple concepts alternating with more complex notions to entice even younger people to learn more about air conditioning and refrigeration”.