Carrier Global Corporation, the leading global provider of innovative healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold chain solutions, to support the increase in supply chain demands for states as they look to make doses available to every American adult by the end of May.


David Appel, President, Refrigeration, Carrier, said: “The goal of having every adult American eligible for vaccination by the end of May will lead to a large influx of doses that need to be managed through the cold chain, tracked and stored. Our technology and equipment provide the needed capabilities and scale to help safely move vaccines and maintain their efficacy.”


Carrier is working closely with pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, distribution centers, retailers and vaccine administrators across the country to move, monitor and store vaccines. Carrier is positioned to provide needed support for mass vaccination sites and safely storing and monitoring large quantities of vaccines.


Carrier Pods monitored by Sensitech help address the unique challenges of COVID-19 vaccine distribution during the pandemic. The units combine leading refrigeration technology and cargo monitoring capabilities to expand cold storage capacity along with added cargo visibility to help ensure the life of vaccines. Their mobility allows for easy relocation to address shifting capacity demands or temporary vaccine administration locations.


For added cargo visibility, Sensitech recently expanded its suite of IoT devices to include air-carrier approved and non-lithium battery models for real-time tracking of shipments when cargo is travelling by plane. The platform’s analytics engine provides real-time evidence and dashboard reporting to assess compliance and the trip’s performance.

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