Spacious inside of GE GNE27JSMAFSS French door refrigerator

GE GNE27JSMSS  is an energy-efficient French-door refrigerator. Those manufactured starting from January 2020, GE switched refrigerants from the potent greenhouse gas R134a to the much more efficient R600a. It is a moderately-priced fridge with modern conveniences and flexible storage.

Regarding features, its main doors close with a satisfying snap, and its freezer drawer slides smoothly. Inside, it offers number of customizable storage options and built-in dispensers. The refrigerator strikes a balance between usability and energy efficiency, along with chilled, filtered water and an ice maker. The shelving is modular and flexible while allowing for a large amount of space, which helps fridge run as efficiently as possible.

Features: Dimensions: 69.88” x 35.75” x 35.88” (H x W x D); Fridge capacity is 11.157 cu. ft.; Freezer capacity is 3.45 cu. ft. It  has an internal ice dispenser in the freezer and an internal water dispenser with removable filter, located in the top right corner of the fridge. The fridge has a status light to alert, at time to replace the filter. Other features include one flexible shelf, 10 moveable bins and shelves, full-width deli drawer, Turbo Cool setting and Sabbath mode.

Stable temperatures help reduce premature spoilage

One of the most important aspects of fridge performance is temperature variance. The refrigerator compartment was able to maintain temperatures within 2 degrees and its freezer maintained a range of about 3 degrees was found when tested by Kyle Hamilton and Mark Brezinski from This means temperatures within the fridge and freezer are both fairly stable, even during defrost cycles. This is important because consistently low temperatures are the best way to ensure the longevity of your food.

The refrigerator has many customizable storage options. Among other features, a flexible shelf can slide its front half underneath its back half to allow taller objects to fit in front of it. It is averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars with generally positive reviews.