Danfoss 450 Ton Turbocor Vtx Oil Free Compressor
Representative Image by Cagper from Pixabay

Danfoss launched highest-capacity oil-free compressor, yet bringing the benefits of Danfoss Turbocor magnetic bearing technology to larger water-cooled chillers.

With a nominal capacity rating of 450 tons/1 600 kW, the Danfoss Turbocor VTX1600 can bring efficiency and long-lasting performance to larger applications like hospitals, data centers and university campuses. Also, multiple configurations, delivering capacities over 3600 tons / 12600 kW, are possible.

The VTX1600 is built around the same Turbocor technology, that’s proven effective in more than 80,000 chillers worldwide, over the compressor’s life. It is built in the USA and China to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards, with support from the world’s leading supplier of oil-free compressor technology. The permanent magnet synchronous motor and integrated variable speed drive provide high efficiency and enable compact design. The compressor that delivers world-class efficiency under all load conditions, is designed for use with R134a using most trusted oil-free technology and a large operating map to suit wide range of application conditions.

Eddie Rodriguez, Aftermarket Product and Service Manager, Danfoss Turbocor said, “VTX1600 represents five years of refinement and innovation at the high-capacity end of the Danfoss Turbocor range. Chiller OEMs have wanted this for some time. Now, they’re able to use the Turbocor technology they know and trust to deliver efficiency and long-lasting performance in larger applications. Compared to screw non-inverter compressors, that means they can do away with oil management maintenance, cut noise, and improve part-load efficiency by up to 30%.”

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