Danfoss India in association with Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) India, presented the 10th edition of the Danfoss-Indian Cold Chain (ICE) Awards at a mega event that took place at Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre, Hyderabad recently to recognise and reward excellence in the Indian cold chain industry that has been integral to realising the Indian Government’s vision to transform India as the food factory of the world.

The annual Danfoss ICE Awards held this year was attended by Mahendra Swaroop, President, Federation of Cold Storages Association of India, Pawanexh Kohli, CEO & Chief Advisor, National Centre for Cold-Chain Development, Nagendra Rao Gubba, President, Chamber of Cold Storages Industry, Telangana, Atul Khanna, Director, ICE and Anuraaga Chandra, Director – Cooling, Danfoss India.

Given the increasing pace of urbanisation, major problems exist with respect to food safety as well as quantitative and qualitative losses, owing largely to inadequate rural electrification, low levels of organisation and limited knowledge of small holders about quality management through temperature management and good handling practice. The resulting losses negatively impact food security, nutrition and incomes of smallholders while increasing the cost of food for low income consumers. The development of appropriate cold chain systems (including low emission, renewable energy, new technologies) from farm to market, holds considerable potential for enhancing the safety, quality and shelf life of perishables, while increasing returns to producers. It is against this backdrop that Danfoss along with GCCA and ICE instituted the Danfoss ICE Awards to specifically identify and showcase the best practices and excellence in Cold Chain to others.

Over the years several entrepreneurs, business model innovators, farmers consultants and more have been awarded. And now, we they are acting as change agents of this important sun rise industry, which we also believe is the next big job creator for India. Dr Ashok Dalwai, Chairman Committee on Doubling of Farmers Income, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer’s Welfare, Govt of India won the Danfoss ICE Exemplary Thought Leadership Award 2018. Under Dr Dalwai’s chairmanship, the Committee on Doubling Farmers Income has brought about a paradigm shift in how the agriculture is understood and has positioned agri-logistics, including cold chain, as the backbone of the agricultural system. Dr Ashok Dalwai has not only contributed immensely to the field of agricultural economics but has played a vital role in redefining various concepts relating to agriculture and bringing the human factor to the fore.

Anuraaga Chandra, Director – Cooling, Danfoss India, said, “While India’s agricultural output has grown five times in the last sixty years, the agricultural sector accounts for a mere 17.9 per cent of our GDP which stresses the need for the government and industries to invest in skill development and capacity building across the food infrastructure to reap the benefits of our hard-working farmers.”