Looking back at the 1990s, Dry All’s range of HVAC&R line products i.e. Filter Driers, Receivers, Oil Separators, Accumulators was a humble beginning to its quest for excellence.

Over the years, HVAC&R technology and customers’ needs have gone through a big change. This continues to challenge the company to upgrade the products and technologies they offer.

The Engineers at Dry All acknowledged the need of consumers and developed new products designed to detect leaks, provide highly efficient oil separation and highly efficient thermal exchange design in HVAC&R System. The year 2019 saw the introduction of following new products from Dry All:

  • Filter Driers with Fluorescent Dye
  • Oil Separators with Demister Pad
  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Filter Drier with Fluorescent Dye

‘Dry All’ is a leading manufacturer of Filter Driers in India. The nuanced understanding about HVAC&R system has helped the company to engineer new Filter Drier that will not only provide filtration, adsorb moisture and acid but will also help to detect the exact source of a leak in a HVCA&R system.

Tracer Wafer (TW) (manufactured by Spectroline – USA) charged with a fluorescent dye is placed along with the desiccant. When the system starts and the TW comes in contact with refrigerant and oil, the dye in wafer is released and circulates with the refrigerant. In case of a leak, dye escapes leaving a mark at the point of the leak. The exact point of a leak is easily visible under a UV light through yellow glasses. This dye is compatible with all refrigerants and oil. The dye has also been approved by all leading compressor and component manufacturers.

Oil Separator with Demister Pad

The role of oil separator is to separate oil from refrigerant in the discharge line and maintain oil level in the compressor to prevent system breakdown. This eventually increases the life of the compressor. The efficiency of conventional oil separator is approximately 75 per cent and with the introduction of demister pad, the efficiency of oil separators with demister pad can go up to 99 per cent.

‘Dry All’ high-efficiency UL certified ‘Oil Separators with Demister Pad’ is specially designed with SS Wire Mesh. Demister Pad is capable of capturing even smallest oil molecules and separate it from refrigerant. These separated oil molecules collide and forms larger drops. Due to gravity, these larger heavier oil drops fall at the bottom of the oil separator vessel. Float ball mechanism helps the oil return to compressor crankcase through oil return port.

These oil separators minimise the noise and pulsation at the discharge side. This has a very wide application in VRF systems.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

‘Dry All’ introduced Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers (BPHE) in collaboration with ‘Kaori’. BPHEs can be used both on evaporator and condenser side in chiller and heat pump respectively. BPHEs are designed to offer the following advantages:

  • Highly efficient thermal design – high performance
  • More efficient use of materials – cost effective
  • Mass reduction in size–compact, less space, less weight
  • Proven and reliable quality – long lifetime durability

These are the trailblazer in the realm of the HVAC&R industry.

Dry All is demonstrating these next-generation ranges of products in ACREX 2019. To know more, visit Booth D-67# Hall 1.