Bitzer is expanding its range of condensing units with a new series. The seven air-cooled models in the new ECOLITE series have been designed for low and medium temperature applications and come in an attractive housing.

The three LHL3E ECOLITE condensing units with one fan as well as the four LHL5E units with two fans open up a wide range of applications, from 1.5 kW to 5 kW in the low temperature range and from 3.5 kW to 16 kW in the medium temperature refrigeration range. All seven models in the new series have been designed as standard for both low and medium temperature applications and for a multitude of applications – for example, in cold stores, display counters and small shops. ‘The adaptability of the ECOLITE models to various applications is outstanding,’ said Stefan Dorn, Product Manager System Solutions at Bitzer. ‘The reasons for this are its compact, low noise design as well as the use of efficient components in combination with the capacity control of the semi-hermetic compressors.’

Flexible and compact

Thanks to the mechanical VARISTEP capacity control, all ECOLITE condensing units offer smooth adjustment of the capacity in a range from 50 to 100 per cent. In the LHL5E, the ECOLITE series offers optional capacity control from 10 to 100 per cent. The condensing units have also been specially developed for low noise operation and have a robust and corrosion-resistant housing for outdoor use. Thanks to their compact construction, they can also be easily integrated even when space is limited. Another advantage of the ECOLITE series is that it only requires a small amount of refrigerant.

Future-proof and sustainable

Bitzer ECOLITE condensing units are easy to use, have control software developed by Bitzer and work very reliably thanks to the well-known development and production work at Bitzer.

Intuitive and convenient

All components in the ECOLITE condensing units are easily accessible and the controller stands out due to its intuitive operability while enabling the use of the Bitzer Electronics Service Tools (BEST). BEST ensures a userfriendly overview of the operating status and parameters and also offers support via a data logging function. The ECOLITE condensing units show their practical side too: for example, a second capacity control for the LHL5E models, an oil separator with a check valve and a temperature sensor for roomtemperature-controlled operation are available. 