Embraco, launches the NEX compressors platform, fourth generation after the NE, NEK, and NEU families for the Asia Pacific market.

Esequias Pereira, Sales and Marketing Director, Nidec Global Appliance, responsible for Embraco’s commercial products’ portfolio in the Asia Pacific region explained: “It is a solution for food retail and foodservice, in applications such as display cases, ice makers, kitchen reach-ins and beverage coolers, due to its robustness and high cooling capacity on a reliable NE platform, which are the recognized attributes of the Embraco Brand.”

One of the main benefits of the NEX in comparison with the previous platforms is the increase in the platform maximum displacement from 18.7cc to 21cc, delivering a maximum cooling capacity of up to 1620W in MBP conditions. With such cooling capacity, it can replace compressors on the NT platform for some applications while keeping a lower profile (25 mm shorter). It also brings top efficiency models with up to 10% more energy efficient than previous versions while keeping the lowest noise levels in the market. This platform will be available for heavy-duty applications in lower GWP (global warming potential) refrigerant options such as R290 but also in R404A.

Esequias said: “With this solution we aim to address the future needs of commercial equipment manufacturers’, offering energy savings, lower environmental impact, and regulations’ compliance to the end-user on a whole lineup of models. Also, the lower height and noise adds up a more comfortable buying experience from the food retailer point of view.”

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