Engie Refrigeration redesigns its Quantum series of water-cooled chillers with models boasting higher capacities, improved efficiencies and lower refrigerant charges.

The new models will supersede the Quantum W, Quantum B, Quantum X and Quantum G series. Engie Refrigeration will be offering 47 different models, all featuring a modular configuration.

The Quantum water models will cater to the full spectrum of different capacities from 200kW kilowatts to 4MW with its new compressors. The Quantum P with higher capacities from 4MW to 11.5MW will also be available. Models will be available for refrigerants R515B, R134a, R513A and R1234ze, with each machine requiring a smaller quantity of refrigerant than its predecessor.

State-of-the-art technical components and optimisations to the PLC and regulation options provide an efficiency boost when operating under partial load.

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