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Green cooler in Japan

Panasonic has launched an evaporative cooler in Japan, which relies on an ultra-fine mist to reduce temperatures in outdoor environments. The Green air conditioner sprays an extremely fine mist with a particle size of about 10µm. This is said to ensure that the water mist evaporates quickly, reducing the feeling of wetness and achieving an efficient temperature drop.

Also, by generating a swirling air flow during mist spraying, a dome-shaped cooling space with a diameter of about 2m, which is less susceptible to crosswinds. It is said that the temperature can be reduced by up to 7C.

It is also equipped with a remote monitoring and control system that can automatically control the spray according to local weather forecast data.

Units have already been installed at Odaiba Rainbow Park, a popular tourist spot that overlooks Rainbow Bridge and the sandy beach facing Tokyo Bay and at Shimbashi Station in Minato-ku, Tokyo.