Spotting an opportunity is a key to success. COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work. Coming November could have a scientific date for growing needs of people. At least, reopen transport and offices and to reopen schools in January 2021, seems to be a mathematical projection about pandemic, worked out by Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. However, I reiterate: my focus on the health and safety of employees will continue to be a priority in our publication house. Though, unexpected slowdown in industrial activity globally, mainly on account of COVID-19 pandemic, has severely impacted the HVAC&R industry, yet this presents an opportunity to develop the leadership skills and navigate through any channels of passivity into action.

Pandemic continues to disrupt world economy threatening lives and livelihood of people around the world. It raises a number of unique challenges for people, society, businesses and industry. Hence, patience, employees’ safety and retention, managing with minimum resources; sustaining  and redesigning strategies to tide over is what loyalty and leadership is meant to be in such long-term times.

At the outset, we thank all the authors for contributing articles to their own publication bringing knowledge of ‘go green’ refrigeration and HVAC industry for our readers. And we, at Chary Publications continue attending webinars, other networking sessions, providing the industry with latest content. This September 2020 issue presents its readers with coverage on concept of green buildings, energy efficient HVAC equipment and systems in changing environment.

Tracking changes in the markets, as well as the changing purchase behaviours of the consumer needs prime focus to validate new plan. Despite, warning signs of the killer pandemic, we are still finding ways and solutions to enable challenge its spreading menace. It presents a remote possibility in near future and if, I am given to believe my instinct, the broad killer wave will perch through 2020 end to provide any respite, as the counts of positive cases go haywire.

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Pravita Iyer
Publisher & Director

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