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Honeywell and Daikin Chemical Europe agreed to distribute Honeywell’s Solstice L40X (R-455A) low-GWP (146) zeotropic refrigerant. Daikin Chemical Europe will sell the product as Creard R-455A for use in commercial refrigeration applications.

Daikin Chemical Europe selected R-455A to comply with European F-Gas regulation by adopting a refrigerant with GWP below 150, which is the limit allowed in some commercial applications from January 1, 2022. R-455A is designed to replace R-404A, which is used in most existing refrigeration systems. R-455A can be installed using a range of new refrigeration systems already qualified for use and with which refrigeration contractors are already familiar and trained to provide service. R-455A provides similar performance to R-404A, but offers 96% lower global warming potential and greater operating efficiency.

Tobias Bargsten, Business Manager Refrigerants, of Daikin Chemical Europe said, “Our commitment is to provide our customers products that best fit their needs, and we identified R-455A from Honeywell as a safe and efficient replacement for R-404A as used in various applications like the refrigerated food retail segment. This product complements Creard R-407H in our product range and allows our customers to comply with stringent F-gas regulations while meeting growing energy efficiency needs.”

Julien Soulet, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Fluorine Products Europe, Middle East and Africa said, “Solstice L40X has been adopted by many OEM producers and is commercially available across Europe. With this deal, Honeywell continues its support to assist the industry in moving towards the future with environmentally preferable and energy-efficient refrigerants.”

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