Parker Valve Station Refrigerating Refrigeration Installation Control Valve

The Parker Valve Station is designed to make evaporator valve groups easy to install and maintain. Featuring 6 functions in a single housing the PVS will drastically cut down on installation time.  What used to take up to 12 welds can now be accomplished with only two welds.  The PVS is also designed to offer superior serviceability and features top mounted hand shut off valves and control valves.  The product is serviceable using standard tools to ensure that maintenance is as simple as installation.

The PVS features a maximum working pressure of 52 bar (754 psi) that allows the product to be used with Ammonia (R-717), CO2 (R-744) and other standard refrigerants.  What separates the PVS from the competition is the wide range of applications that can be covered using this new valve platform. From simple solenoid operation to pressure regulation to electronically controlled expansion the PVS can do it all. While the most common applications are evaporator control groups the PVS can also work as a liquid injection valve, a feed valve for liquid level control, and even as an electronic expansion valve for superheat control in DX applications.  Whether you are a refrigeration contractor, OEM, or end user the PVS will decrease your installation and maintenance time.

As of this announcement the PVS is available in a DN20 (3/4”), DN25 (1”), DN32 (1-1/4”), DN40 (1-1/2”), DN50 (2”), DN65 (2-1/2”) and DN80 (3”) port size and is configurable for a variety of applications including liquid feed, hot gas feed, defrost relief, suction regulation and expansion applications. Also, the PVS product offering Parker also offers a DN15 (1/2”) manifold named the S8VS that is based on the tried and true S8, RSF, and R/S hand valve components.  This small manifold is ideal for liquid feed lines and purge point solenoids.


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