TCSL offers various wet & dry cooling solutions to remove heat from different process & manufacturing industries. The range of wet & dry cooling solutions use air, water or a combination of both as medium of heat rejection. Dinesh Badgandi, CEO, Thermax Cooling Solutions Limited (TCSL) spoke about how the COVID-19 situation has thrown the market with unique challenges. He said: “For the first time in history not only the demand-side but also the supply-side has also been impacted. A virus has brought the world to a standstill and we are no exception. Since Pune is also one among the most affected cities, we had to stop our operations since mid- march.” Speaking on the ACC project business, he said: “Our ACC project business is likely to get more affected by the scenario and expect the industry movement to start in late Q2 of this FY. However, our products cater to industries which are in the consumption domain. We expect positive traction to build in Food processing, Dairy, Meat processing industries. We continue to support our customer in these segments with proposals, schematics which will be useful for their decision making.” He added: “We are using digital communications platform extensively to being in touch with all stakeholder and have a number of webinars and video conferences with our esteemed customer to discuss our solutions and proposal, this in addition to the technical trainings that are arranged for our dealers.”

Speaking on the recent CTI Certification, Badgandi said: “CTI is a renowned institute in the field of certification of the cooling towers. Our process to obtain the CTI certification has been very fulfilling. This initiative was led by our internal team and involved co-ordination and execution with CTI – the Certificate is a testimony to our commitment to design and the performance of our product. We expect that the credentials will help us gain new customers in the market.” Adding, he said that the cold chain market is one of the fastest growing domains in industrial refrigeration in India with a CAGR close to double digits. Also, presently over 7,000 cold storage facilities are operational in India, and over 70% are catering to the storage of potatoes. “30-40% of horticulture produced gets wasted today as we don’t have cold storage infrastructure which shall provide huge opportunities. Govt has started aiding this industry which will further accelerate the growth rate,” he added.

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