Savona was awarded LEED gold through the LEED for Cities program, according to the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), the organisation that certifies LEED green building projects globally

“We are proud to be recognised as Europe’s first LEED city,” said Mayor Ilaria Caprioglio of Savona. “Our commitment is toward shaping a sustainable and resilient urban environment and a safe and equitable society. We believe that LEED for Cities is the instrument to grow awareness about cities’ actual performance.” LEED for Cities provides cities with a framework for measuring and managing the performance of water consumption, energy use, human experience, waste and transportation. The University of Genoa Savona Campus developed a state-of-the-art smart polygeneration microgrid combined with a smart energy building. These strategies inspired city officials to set appropriate low-carbon initiatives that will be instrumental in driving the whole city’s transformation into a low-impact urban center. When it comes to human experience, the city seeks to guarantee the safety and health of its inhabitants through such tactics as high air-quality standards that reduce risky conditions for the most sensitive population groups and mitigate urban pollution.