Hygiene is the top priority in places where it may not only have devastating health consequences but also financial ones if standards are not met.

This is particularly important in hospitals, food processing and food transport industries. LAMILUX AntiBac is the innovative partner for the food and medical sectors: a fibre-reinforced composite with a silver nanoparticle coating which produces an anti-microbial effect on its surface. Even multidrug-resistant germs die within a few hours on its surface and new, critical germ masses are prevented from forming.

Many resistant germs have their origins in industrial livestock farming, caused by massive antibiotic use. That’s why sterility is also a top priority in animal husbandry. The mass transport of refrigerated and sensitive foods is also subject to strict requirements for cleaning and hygiene logistics to protect people, especially as the loading and unloading process exposes food to dirt and contaminants.

A material as protective shield

The antimicrobial LAMILUX AntiBac neutralises even multidrug-resistant germs and bacteria efficiently on a lasting basis in a way that no other material can. A completely new standard of hygiene is achieved if its surface is also cleaned and disinfected using conventional methods. This minimises hygiene risks while maximising hygiene safety.

This innovative composite material is already being used as a structural face sheet in truck refrigerated truck bodies, refrigerated warehouses and processing facilities in the food sector and in operating theatres in hospitals. This can reduce downtimes throughout the entire food and refrigeration chain, often averting related untold damage to the image of the companies involved.

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