Lamilux Committed to development of Indian cold chain

Lamilux is a provider of light-weight glassfiber-reinforced plastic (GRP) solutions for a wide range of applications. In the Indian market, the German firm has been offering solutions for sandwich panel construction of truck bodies since 2009. Rohan Bellikatti, Regional Technical Sales Manager – South India and Sri Lanka, Lamilux comments on Indian cold chain scenario, challenges, and the solutions offered by the company in an interaction with Cooling India.

According to you, why is India’s cold chain sector still at nascent stage?

USD 13-14 billion is the value of annual wastage in India’s agricultural sector due to inadequate cold chain infrastructure. 18 per cent of fruits and vegetables produced in India get wasted due to insufficient cold chain network, and this is a direct contributor to food shortages which in turn results in higher prices. While the ambient supply chain has evolved in last one decade, the cold chain network in India remains at a very nascent stage with only 10-15 per cent of network being served by organised players.

What kind of active role does Lamilux envisage for itself for the development of Indian cold chain sector?

Lamilux India has been offering solutions for customers in the Indian market for sandwich panel construction for truck bodies and many other applications since 2009. Having played an integral role in helping develop the country’s cold chain in close association with the National Centre for Cold Chain Development (NCCD), Lamilux remains committed to the Indian market with renewed thrust on market expansion and deeper penetration. Yes, indeed this has to be approached by both government sector and private sector on war footing to reduce the wastage of food and we at Lamilux assure that we are dedicated to walk the extra mile in the development of Indian cold chain industry and better infrastructure by providing technical solutions.

What kind of challenges do you face in cold chain transport in India?

‘Change’ the word itself is one of the biggest challenges in India. It is like ‘Who is going to bell the cat and people don’t wish to do what it requires. They are contented with the conventional methods which itself is one of the biggest hurdles for us. India is growing, population is increasing at a rapid pace and yet we don’t have the infrastructure to store and preserve food. We also need the government to step in with some schemes for the cold room owners, investors, reefer fleet owners and encourage them to invest, expand their business reach and have end-to-end solutions so that food is not wasted. Further, it is also necessary to make sure that right products are used for reefer trucks, cold room and warehouses so that the quality and efficiency output are not compromised.

What solutions you would like to offer to overcome these hurdles?

Lamilux has a basket of products for reefer truck manufacturers and cold rooms. GRP is one of the ideal solutions with advantages and benefits more than the conventional products like steel and aluminum. In today’s world, everyone wants light weight solutions and price competitive products to sustain and survive in this industry. We provide the same. Lamilux GRP can be used in reefer containers, dry freight containers, cold rooms, etc and also GRP can be used in existing cold rooms to avoid corrosion and enhance the efficiency in cold rooms.

What are your top new and innovative solutions or technologies particularly related to cold chain sector?

We have a lot of products like High Gloss, Gewebe, Gewebe 48 per cent SH, Embossed, Lamigraph, Lamifoam tex, Super, Super Plus, Anti-bac, Anti-slip, Composite floor and the latest launch is the Texture wall with various thickness and glass content. Lamilux believes in innovation and as a team, we are all focused in developing new products which can be a solution for the challenges being faced currently in various industries and segments.

What are unique features and applications of Lamilux GRP?

Every product has its own unique features, advantages and benefits. Applications for these GRP can be used in reefer containers both interior and exterior surfaces, dry freight containers, cold room panels, construction industry in buildings, wall cladding, partition walls, shelter homes, caravans, bus roofing, floorings, etc.

Savings on fuel, wear and tear of tyres, higher payload carrying capacity, faster application, aesthetically good looking, durable, chemical resistance, etc are few of the features of Lamilux GRP. More detailed features and benefits are explained on our website

What kind of potential do you envisage for these products?

These products (GRP) have a huge potential considering India’s cold chain industry and the technical advantages that they possess against the conventional methods and products used. As we know that India is a developing economy and globally, it is assumed that the country has conducive environment to attract foreign investments.

Tell us how has 2019 been for Lamilux India so far?

In terms of business growth, I can only say right now that we are on the track. It’s just half the year now and still we have to go long way so we can’t comment anything. We have a very strong and dedicated team who believe in themselves and serving the customer first which is our top priority. We also believe to walk the extra mile as stated earlier only for our clients.