WelcomHotel has been certified with the LEED Platinum (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in the New Buildings category by the Indian Green Buildings Council (IGBC) in Coimbatore. The highest rating accorded to green buildings in the world, platinum is awarded on the basis of points earned across multiple areas that address key aspects of Green Buildings, such as Integrative Process, Location and Transportation, Energy and Atmosphere, Sustainability, Water Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, Innovation, Material and Resources Reinforcing ITC’s commitment to green building design, the operations and maintenance of WelcomHotel are resource-efficient, high-performing, environment friendly and cost-effective, in line with world-class standards and procedures, a Hotel release said.

The LEED is licensed by US Green Building Council to the IGBC to encourage and facilitate the development of more sustainable buildings and is a globally recognised symbol of excellence in green building. The hotel opened in October last is owned and operated by ITC Hotels, the release said.

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