The two dedicated cold chain warehousing & distribution (W&D) facilities will cater to B2B and B2C…

Maersk Pakistan has committed to set up two cold chain W&D facilities in Karachi and Islamabad for TezMedz and Aruna Hussain, Managing Director, Maersk Pakistan signed an agreement with Asad Khan, CEO & Co- Founder of TezMedz and to establish the cold chain W&D facilities for the healthtech startup in Pakistan.

TezMedz and offer unique services in Pakistan, wherein the former delivers authentic medicines to pharmacies while the latter to end consumers, through their online platforms. The company is on a mission to solve the problem of counterfeit medicines in Pakistan through providing authentic medicines in optimal conditions to customers at their doorsteps. This partnership with Maersk helps strengthen their mission by ensuring that medicines are stored at optimal temperatures and retain their efficacy by the time they reach the consumer.

Detailing on the development, Aruna Hussain, Managing Director, Maersk Pakistan, said, “TezMedz and had a special requirement – they required temperature-controlled warehouses that were equipped with robust systems precisely managing inventories and a setup offering fast distribution to match the speed expected of any eCommerce platform. After carefully studying the requirements and thoroughly designing the processes, we were able to tailor-make a cold chain W&D solution for them.”

While Maersk has provided warehousing solutions in Karachi earlier in retail space, it will be the first time that the company will enter the Islamabad geography.

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