An Air Handling Unit (AHU) is used to re-condition and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating and airconditioning system.

The basic function of the AHU is to take in outside air, re-condition it and supply it as fresh air to a building. All exhaust air is removed, which creates an acceptable indoor air quality. Depending on the required temperature of the re-conditioned air, the fresh air is either heated by a recovery unit or heating coil, or cooled by a cooling coil.

In buildings, where the hygienic requirements for air quality are lower, some of the air from the rooms can be re-circulated via a mixing chamber and this can result in significant energy savings. A mixing chamber has dampers for controlling the ratio between the return, outside and exhaust air.

The AHU is a large metal box containing separate ventilators for supply and exhaust, heating coil, cooling coil, heating/cooling recovery system, air filter racks or chambers, sound attenuators, mixing chamber, and dampers. AHUs connect to ductwork that distributes the conditioned air through the building, and returns it to the AHU.However, these AHU consume large amount of power and water. MREPL has come out with a unique combination of mist technology with or without condensing coils in order to maintain fresh or dust-free air at required temperature/humidity at minimum water and power consumption.

Mist Type – Air Handling Unit (MTAHU)

Mist Type AHU are used as part of climate control and air quality systems. The company offers superior quality mist spray air washer unit with or without condensing coil. It works on the principle of evaporative cooling by mist creation; outside air is passed over curtain of fine water droplets, causing water droplet to evaporate into air and hence reducing ambient temperature very close to wet bulb temperature. This cool and humidified air is then directed into the desired process area in order to maintain the required ambient conditions.

Mist uses its patented technology of SS 304 heavy-duty mist creator nozzles with orifice bore of less than 9mm for creating very fine mist to the size of 5 microns, hence evaporate instantaneously. It consists of air wash chamber, inside which we are operating mist creator nozzles at 2 bar pressure created by circulation pump. Specially designed multi-pass PVC Mist Eliminators are placed to arrest carryover of mist particles and allow only washed clean and cool air to pass through. Axial fan placed at the outside of mist eliminators is used to pressurise and distribute air evenly in the desired places. There are no cellulose pads inside wash chamber and hence there is no pressure or volume loss of air flow.

The company’s mist type air handling unit is unique combination of mist spray technology with or without condensing coils, which maintain desired ambient temperature and humidity inside a closed process area with minimum use of power and water.

Mist guarantees that payback period for MTAHU is less than one year. They also claim, Mist type air washers provide better efficiency as compared to conventional air washers.

Salient features

  • Efficient air cooling achieved at minimum power and water consumption.
  • Accurate humidity control due to automated operation.
  • Excellent air wash quality because of fine mist formation, thus ensuring clean air supply.
  • No air gaps left in mist screen formation inside wash chamber
  • Heavy-duty nozzles manufactured from SS 304 having life of 15 to 20 years.
  • Mist Spray Nozzles with less than 9 mm bore gives choke-less operation. n

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