Mitsubishi Electric launched an R32 version of its e-series air-cooled chillers, available in 150kW and 180kW units. The new e-series replaces Mitsubishi Electric’s R410A e-series chillers launched in 2015.

Available in both cooling only and heat pump variations the new modular e-series allows up to six units to be connected to provide a total system capacity of up to 1080kW. As well as employing high-efficiency inverter scroll compressors, the chillers feature improved heat exchange coils and aluminium microchannel in the cooling-only version.

The e-series is said to have a SEER of up to 5.52, a △T of up to 10ºK, and internal headers, making it ideal for commercial buildings, as well as low-temperature ambient loop heat networks solutions like multi-residential or multi-purpose buildings.

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