Mitsubishi Electric has launched its new range of 5-star air conditioners, MSY GR and MSY GR-T Series recently. MSY GR Series are empowered with Inverter Technology and MSY GR(T) Series are catered to Tropical Inverter Cooling. The new range of air conditioner provides features like powerful cooling with high energy efficiency and to bring optimal comfort. The new luxurious and stylish designs are equipped with tropical inverter technology, especially, developed to suit the air conditioning needs of tropical regions. The operational range of MSY GR(T) Series is up to 52 degree Celsius (Outdoor Temperature) with an optimised heat exchanger and the PCBs for improved cooling performance.

The models under these new air conditioner series are equipped with optimised heat exchanger and high cubic feet per minute (CFM) for fast cooling. MSY GR Series will be available with cooling capacity range of 2.8 KW to 7.2 KW and MSY GR(T) Series has capacity range from 3.7 KW to 6.6 KW. Even under harsh tropical conditions, these units will be able to maintain the rated cooling capacity and achieve effective air conditioning. The newly launched air conditioners have ‘New Remote Controller’ which has a specialty to display the errors code on the remote controller.  Both MSY GR and GR(T) Series are loaded with features like long airflow and dual barrier coating which ensure better performance and longer life, are especially suited for living rooms.