We were vibrantly alive ten months earlier, businesses and economy was on track, and then with un-alarming ease a sinister health threat coronavirus stabbed us. Globally, all cities plunged into a novel set of safety norms in 2020. As I pen down, we all are transcending the pandemic curve onto new normal times armed with new opportunities; continuing the invasion, now an infectious strain of virus variant creates global ripples after its discovery in UK, SA, Denmark and Brazil.

Visibly, sifting trends are influencing companies to design new solutions, in HVAC/R territory. World over, citizens and industries are exuding optimism that things would return to normal irrespective of fresh quarantines and lockdowns. Though manufacturing and industrial activity slowed, on slowed orders during last 3 months, on worries of a fresh surge in covid-cases, yet growth is expected to sustain recovery momentum.

Companies are utilizing skills to innovate; doing new features, upgrades and new design for HVAC systems. The virtual meetings and events have become the routine affair. Newer strategies may include portable air purifiers, upgraded HVAC filters and air quality measures to tackle health, safety and clean air issues. Green solutions and reduced cost are some of the trends to watch when looking into 2021
and beyond.

Role of technology for HVAC growth is important to meet the demand for energy efficient solutions. I foresee strong surge of optimism for HVAC industry as we enter 2021. And, we at Chary publications keep on attending virtual meetings and networking sessions, to provide you all with latest content in cooling technology.

As 2020 goes by, businesses are reopening doors in new normal times. Remote working trends and precautions will continue with pandemic impact. To this end, healthy and safe working environment will rely upon new HVAC trends and features like temperature control, good air flow, level of comfort, safety and more so.  In fact, there is an imminent need to go for more safety precautions within HVAC industry.

I welcome you all into new normal 2021.

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Pravita Iyer
Publisher & Director

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