The Filodivino project began to take shape in 2014 with the production of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and Lacrima di Morro d’Alba grapes by four friends who shared a passion for the Marche region and its wine.

The goal of the members was immediately to enhance the beauty of the place without while respecting the environment and the ecosystem, that’s why, in addition to following organic farming directives, the materials used for all the buildings are reclaimed or recycled. The materials have been sourced locally to further minimise the environmental impact and to enhance the territory in which Filodivino is immersed.

It was, therefore, important to find a HVAC system that would be able to satisfy the actual needs of the winery while maintaining high efficiency. A Climaveneta branded bespoke solution comprised of 1 Integra NECS-CQ/B/S multi-purpose 4-pipe heat pump and 1 NECS-C/B chiller, was deemed ideal. Integra units can simultaneously provide cooling and heating demands based on actual load requirement, where any type of hot and cold combination can be met. Since the demand for cooling is greater than that of heating, the NECS-C air cooled chiller, which is highly efficient at partial loads, was supplied to complete the HVAC system.