Panasonic Refrigeration Co2
Image by CAREL

A cold storage warehouse located in the port of Osaka that handles cold and frozen foods was equipped with an innovative CO2 refrigeration system designed and built by Panasonic Appliances. The system comprises ten 80 HP and four 40 HP compressor racks. All of the units use CO2 as the refrigerant and are managed by the CAREL pRack 300T controller.

Tadao Sekiguchi, Managing Director, CAREL Japan said: “This is both an exciting and ambitious project. We are proud to have been involved in the initial design of the units, in addition to providing Panasonic with technical support during the commissioning work in the field. This success proves we’re capable of supporting our customers closely for this leading technology.”

Alberto Catullo, CEO, CAREL APAC-North, added: “True teamwork! Thanks to CAREL’s organisation, we delivered CAREL’s CO2 transcritical experience to an important customer in Japan without having to compromise. It’s a success both in terms of technology and organisation. With remote connectivity provided by the boss series, CAREL’s experts based in China, Italy and Japan worked together with Panasonic to perfectly fine-tune the system.”