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Refcold India 2019: Studying potential in the cold chain

The HVACR industry is constantly evolving and is posed with the challenge to adhere to international standards. Pursuing the HVACR industry and proving to be a platform for dialogue and networking – the Refcold India 2019 Exhibition was held from November 21st to the 23rd at the Hitex Exhibition Center, Hyderabad. The exhibition hosted both national and international exhibitors representing the cold storage, cold chain service, transportation, and industrial refrigeration sectors. Also, the event was home to riveting discussions and presentations around the global trends within the industrial refrigerant sector and its relevance to India in food processing applications; cold chain solutions and energy management within the agricultural sector, and the routes to building a sustainable cold chain.

Focusing on a global trend within the industrial refrigeration sector and its relevance in India, Carsten Dahlgaard, Senior Sales Director – Industrial Refrigeration, Danfoss – Denmark said: “Globally we are seeing that safety and the total cost of ownership are the market drivers within the industry.” The cooling sector follows a five-point system and it generally looks at – global warming, safety, reliability, cost and efficiency. “These five points are crucial to the industrial refrigeration sector,” he said. In China especially, there is a focus on safety owing to industrial accidents that have occurred in the past. He added: “A lot is going on politically concerning global warming. Some agreements call out refrigerants. One of them is R32 which is a new refrigerant used in air-conditioning. We understand and the industry acknowledges that it needs to move more towards a phase-out of certain refrigerants or at least the use of refrigerants with a low index.” In terms of cold storage, Harshal Surange, CEO and Director – ACR Project Consultants asserted that in addition to the adherence of policies, operation practices within the scope of cold storage and refrigeration is also crucial. He said: “The concept of energy-efficient cold storage must be properly understood. We need to assess the design that we have in place for a good energy efficiency level and economic operation.” For instance, he said: “Today most fruits and vegetables have a certain shelf-life and after it is harvested, nearly 98% of the product reaches the market in a non-refrigerated manner.” He pointed to this as an industry issue often related to the practises adopted when dealing with the cold chain.

On the global front, Max Wang, Sanhua International, Singapore Pvt Ltd, said: “In the past decade, CAAR and ISHRAE have established close partnerships – the two sides have extensive co-operation in media communication and technical exchange.” CAAR represents an organising committee at the expo to promote and upgrade such exhibitions. While referring to the inclusion and the joint India-Chinese connections, he added: “The Chinese and the Indians can get a deeper understanding of the market through such events. Chinese brands and products serve the Indian market and we hope that with the opportunity, and we hope we can
establish a long-term mechanism while deepening the exchanges between the two countries.”

Here’s what some of the exhibitors had to say, excerpts… 
Jegapriyan Govindarajan, Managing Director, Tecumseh Products Company 
“We are headquartered in Hyderabad. So far, we are pleased with the participation at Refcold India 2019. The company has been specialising in commercial refrigeration and we have a long history here in India. Globally, we are a market leader in commercial refrigeration. Today, there is a need for both the industry as well as for regulatory bodies to work together. In the food sector, the market is facing a serious problem concerning the wastage of food. The market has unique requirements, and though we have good products we need to adapt them to the Indian market conditions. We have recently opened a technology centre in New Delhi which is a state-of-the-art centre and is already developing cooling solutions that would suit the Indian market. An exhibition like this is an ideal platform for us to connect with new customers and understand what they need from the market. Concerning solutions, we specialise in reciprocating compressors, scroll compressors, condensing units, rotary compressors that are energy efficient and are used across commercial and household applications.”

Dimpi Barot, Gandhi Automations
“We specialise in entrance automation and loading equipment and have a major portion of the market share in India. Our products are motorised high-speed doors, dock levellers, motorised rolling shutters, gates and several such automated products that are used in industrial warehousing. We have come up with a bunch of new products where we specialise in cold storage refrigeration. Manufacturing industries need a controlled environment, and a wide range of our prime high-speed doors are available for various operations, inclusive of areas with special requirements for temperature control, hygiene, storage and handling of frozen foods. Deep freezer automatic roll-up doors are needed in cold storages, warehousing, loading bays and on conveyor systems. We also customise for many of our clients and have a huge manufacturing unit located in Bhiwandi. We are gradually specialising into new products in cold storage refrigeration and are coming up with new products where we can monitor temperatures.”

Shubham Kshirsagar, Jr. Associate Marcom, Testo India 
“Testo has several products and we specialise in temperature monitoring instrumentation technology. Our applications are used in the HVACR, cold chain, facilities management, food, pharma and health industries. We specialise in instrumentation technology used in data logging, electrical measurement, humidity measurement, pressure and flow measurement, thermal imagers, transmitters, and smart probes. Our loggers function both online and offline and our instruments are crucial to the functioning of the cold chain, and to the maintain the integrity of the product being carried across the cold chain.”

Akriti Gupta, Vice President, Sales, mitzvah air curtains 
“Ours is a twenty-year-old company, and we are actively engaged in manufacturing and supplying a broad assortment of air curtains, strip curtains, PVC rolls, curtain track hooks, baffle filters, evaporator chassis, wall corners and SS coasters. We were established in the year 2000 at Noida. Over the years we have realised that people are still not aware of the usefulness of air curtains in cold storage and refrigeration. Overall, it is an industry issue and clients must be made aware of the technicalities and the uses for the product. For every project whether HVACR or industrial refrigeration and transportation – air curtains are very necessary. Another challenge within the cold storage industry is maintaining the temperature at an optimal level and tracking it. Overall, the market is low but for our product, the market demand continues to be high.”

Harikrishna Pansuriya, Engineer – Material Handling System, Natural Storage Solutions  
“We are based in Ahmedabad. We specialise in cold storage solutions, ripening chambers, ICE plants, shooting and grading lines, blast freezers, vacuum freeze-drying, and more. At the expo, we are displaying our spiral freeze technology that is used to freeze samosas, burger patties, and parathas. Within the scope of the cold chain, it is crucial to understand that the cold chain can be broken anytime, and though there are mechanical or electrical monitoring systems – the problem is left unsolved if the consignment is not consistently checked for temperature. Also, we have HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point that is done to ensure the safety of groceries. This method ensures the safety of food.”