The new AR9500 wind-free air conditioner contains a PM 1.0 filter…

Samsung has a wide range of technologies available to purify air, starting from filters that have anti-bacterial systems to filters with dust arresting property. The new range of air conditioners from Samsung has come with a PM 1.0 Filter in the new AR9500 wind-free air conditioner, which ensures the air inside the home is extra clean. The PM 1.0 Filter has an electrostatic charger to give ultra-fine dust up to 0.3 microns a positive charge – so that it attaches to the negative plate. It then sterilises the virus and bacteria through an electrostatic charger. The AC also monitors the air quality in the room with a laser sensor and when it’s done it automatically cleans itself with an A.I purifying function.

Samsung’s Tri-Care Filter is made up of three layers that include a high-density filter that extracts large dust particles, fibres and animal hairs. A Zeolite Coating filter also captures fine dust and eliminates viruses, bacteria and allergens. This ensures that the user is rest assured knowing the air he/she is breathing is kept hygienically clean to protect his/her family’s health.

The high density (HD) Anti-bacterial Filter along with Easy Filter Plus, helps capture fur-baby hair, fibres, household dust and keeps the heat exchange clean. It prevents fine dust particles and allergens from spreading out in the air, and is regularly effective at capturing airborne contaminants or allergens such as pollen, mould spores and pet dander.

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