Secop a global expert in advanced compressor technologies using hydrocarbon refrigerants,  is now providing a solution with several benefits such as enhanced robustness, ultra-low temperature technology, and compatibility with refrigerant Ethan (R170) with its new medical compressors range. This makes them the ideal solution for hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, research centers, universities, and the medical industry.

The medical and vaccine cold chain requires storage and transport at different temperature levels: +2°C to +8°C, -20°C down to -86°C. Stability is key to guarantee safe product delivery up to the last mile temperature.

New highly effective mRNA-based vaccines supporting the fight against COVID-19, and Ebola, or CGTs (cell and gene therapies) require an ultra-low storage and transportation temperature for all phases of the cold chain. Secop’s stationary and mobile solutions make the company a reliable partner for leading companies supporting the development of a global ULT (ultra-low temperature) supply chain.

During the 10th edition of ATMOAmerica; where key industry experts, policy makers, end users and contractors were present through virtual media; Secop disseminated the latest developments in natural refrigerants-based solutions. The company was present in the event through a virtual booth.

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