Southern Trust Home Services To Drive Attention To Humidity Control And Health
Photo by newhouse on pixabay

Southern Trust Home Services an electrical, HVAC and plumbing company serving southwest Virginia is driving attention to the importance of humidity control, health and property issues related to excess moisture in the air. Summer temperatures in Roanoke have prompted Southern Trust Home Services to update homeowners about managing indoor humidity.

Ted Puzio, Owner, Southern Trust Home Services said: “Proper home humidity control is a necessity in this area. When we inspect home temperature control systems, we can address hidden health problems as well as potential home repairs.”

Excessive humidity stops the body’s natural cooling systems from working properly and can be a health risk for the elderly or people with preexisting conditions. If the air is too moist or too dry, it can make breathing difficult especially for asthmatics.

Puzio added: “Simply because your AC is running doesn’t mean the air quality is good. When we inspect HVAC systems, we have a chance to stop toxic substances from circulating through your home. Even if your body feels comfortable, your home could still be at risk for mould and bacteria. Personal temperature preference aside, homeowners need to know the air they breathe is clean.”

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