The German company LAMILUX provides sophisticated, tried and tested high-tech materials with the fibre-reinforced plastic sheets produced in a continuous manufacturing process. They are used both on the inside and outside of buses, caravans and commercial vehicles. The very lightweight and equally extremely strong material forms both the outer and inner surface layers of roofs, floors and walls. In the form of LAMILUX India, the German producer has had its own company in India since 2009, which also runs a private warehouse in Bhiwandi near Mumbai. Here, the focus is not just on sales, but also on the technical support for the processing of GRP surface layers. LAMILUX will be at India Cold Chain Show 2017: Visit them from 12- 14 December at booth B57.

From production to processing, to transport and sales: A continuous, temperature-controlled system is required to protect food such as fresh produce and frozen goods against spoiling. LAMILUX composites are used during all phases of this processing and cooling chain, eg as surface layers for walls in processing and storage rooms as well as in truck refrigeration units and cold rooms.

The low weight of the LAMILUX composites, which is significantly lighter than those made of aluminium or steel, is particularly useful here. This makes it possible to have lighter units and therefore save on fuel and generate lower environmental impacts through CO2 emissions. A study recently determined that a weight reduction of 100 kg reduces fuel consumption by a truck to just under half a litre per 100 kilometres.

With Antibacterial Surface against Germs

Exploiting all innovation potential for fibre-reinforced plastics through targeted research and development – LAMILUX underlines this objective with a technologically sophisticated and solution-oriented project that will end with a sensational composite material: LAMILUX AntiBac – a fibre-reinforced plastic with a surface that has an anti-microbial effect thanks to a nanosilver coating and causes germs on it to die within a few hours. The material was specifically developed as a wall coating for operating theatres in hospitals, as well as for truck refrigeration units, cold stores and processing rooms in the food industry. LAMILUX AntiBac provides supreme sterility that would not be possible using any other material. A completely new level of hygiene can be achieved in combination with simple, residue-free cleaning of the surfaces.

Industrial Production & Worldwide Leading Position

The quality – which has been awarded multiple, top certifications – and material properties ideally tailored to the applications have secured LAMILUX composites a leading position in the international market for fibre-reinforced plastics for many years. Rohan Bellikatti and Manjul Bhatia provide security of supply, top-class quality and expert advice. The two LAMILUX employees offer excellent technical support, detailed advice on-site at the customer as well as a partner programme for LAMILUX customers that involves numerous benefits.