Pandemic crisis is in no mood to leave humanity, but breezing as second wave, is causing enormous concern. It is casting its shadow rising in many parts of the country that may affect overall business activity. As far as vulnerable states are concerned, three states, Maharashtra, Kerala and Punjab, cumulatively account for 77% plus of India’s total active cases. Though various factors may be ascribed to the spread of it, yet air quality was not a pressing issue prior to pandemic.

Safety needs are applicable not only for establishments, offices or spaces which require ventilation and fresh air exchange, but it is a leading health concern now for residences also. The well-circulated air is the need for home and work spaces. Because of the potential risk of close contact and infection from airborne viruses, there exists a high degree of caution in a bid to continue dusting down the corona effects. Also, where it’s possible, it may be better to retrofit or upgrade the ventilation system. The availability of spare parts and ongoing technical support services are equally essential.

As with any health and safety strategy, constant monitoring is crucial to ensure occupants in spaces are well looked-after. Here I share; we have taken important precautionary measures in our office, to protect the safety, health and well-being of our employees. Keeping in touch with ongoing activities that we detail you from time to time, Chary Publications as ever, is attending virtual meetings and zoom sessions, to provide you all with latest content. Enjoy this issue too with interesting coverage.

Its suggested that air supply and exhaust ventilation is set to the maximum possible in order to remove airborne pathogens. Enhance deep cleaning procedures across all facilities, enable social distancing, disable social gatherings; but masking and washing hand always. Only concerted action can slow its spread. To this end, a healthy and safe working environment hinging with self-safety, innovations, ventilation and air quality infrastructure embedded into HVAC systems is most needed to keep lockdown at bay.

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Pravita Iyer
Publisher & Director

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