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Pharmaceutical companies in final-stage clinical trials anticipate that they will require strict temperature controls to safeguard their products – down to temperatures as low as  -70 deg Celsius. Thermo King brand of Trane Technologies has intelligent end-to-end temperature-controlled cold chain solutions for vaccines shipments. It has expanded its portfolio of temporary storage solutions that can meet the unique requirements of global pharmaceutical companies developing COVID-19 vaccines.

Trane Technologies HVAC & Transport, India & SAARC country leader, Kishor Patil, said that the company is keen to introduce this end-to-end global solution to the India market, so as to safeguard people’s health and safety by providing the ‘unbroken’ link to cold chain solutions for COVID-19 vaccine distribution. In addition, the company will further develop tailored products for local adaptations to meet the growing needs during and beyond the pandemic.

The solutions can enable these companies and their distributors to ensure the efficacy of their products through the entire cold chain – from air transport to marine, rail, trailer, last-mile delivery and at storage points along the way.

According to the World Health Organisation, nearly 20% of temperature-sensitive healthcare products are damaged during transport, and 25% of vaccines reach their destination in a degraded state due to breaks in the cold chain.

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