Transport Hub to develop solutions to meet customer demand

Transport Hub provides technology platform based on the Internet of Things for cold chain logistics sector. The company has developed a device — ICE (improvement in cold chain efficiency).

Transport Hub provides technology platform based on the Internet of Things for cold chain logistics sector. The company has developed a device — ICE (improvement in cold chain efficiency) — to address the inefficiency in the transportation of perishable goods and cold storage systems.

Transport Hub’s strides with advanced technology
Our products and solutions under the brand ICE for cold chain are highly advanced and powered by IoT and analytics. We have designed cutting edge complete technology solutions for improving operations holistically and not as a mere monitoring tool. For example, we have created a solution to reduce and manage electricity or fuel consumption as electricity or fuel contributes substantially to operating costs of any cold chain especially for a warehouse. The solutions involve clever mix of hardware and clever algorithms. The companies can get very specific recommendations on how the ways in which they can save electricity.

In addition, the companies can define the service level requirements and can get real time exception alerts to the assigned personnel. The exceptions are targeted to point the reasons for any deviation from operational parameters in addition to monitoring the symptoms such as temperature. Moreover, the solutions are reducing human errors by automating the processes. Policy based operation has been made possible by our solutions which do away with human judgement. Lastly, the solutions help the customers in collecting high quality and real time data. The solutions further crunch the data to deliver incisive business and operational insights to the managers and operations team respectively.

Despite solutions being high tech and world-class the return on investment (ROI) on the deployment of our solution is very high for our customers. Since we understand the industry and its requirements clearly based on our experience of the industry, we can deliver the solutions very quickly. In a nutshell, the solutions by our brand ICE deliver high returns to our customers very quickly.

Business plan in 2020
In 2020, we are looking forward to serve the customers who see technology not only as a means to meet compliance requirements but also as a strategic tool to improve profitability.

We are looking forward to help our customers in primarily two ways:

One, through our pipeline of new solutions. Our constant endeavour is to develop and evolve our solutions to cater to different needs of our customers and develop new solutions as a response to changing business environment. Two, by further integrating our various solutions to bring single view to our customers with ease. Uncluttering of data will help customers to look at only the key metrics rather than getting overwhelmed by data deluge. The integration can also be done with the customers’ ERP or CRM system to enhance responsiveness in business processes.

We are making system as an open source system in 2020 and developing Software Development Kits (SDKs) to enable third parties to develop new applications for our customers on top of our platform.

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