“Turkey considers India as an important commercial partner”

The Indian and Turkish air-conditioning industries have become closer every year in line with the rising number of commercial partnerships between the two countries. Alexander Kühnel, General Manager, Hannover Messe Sodex Fair.

ISK-SODEX, the leading air-conditioning industry exhibition in Eurasia, held in Istanbul between 2–5 October. In an interview with Subhajit Roy, Alexander Kühnel, General Manager, Hannover Messe Sodex Fair talks about how this event contributes to the global air-conditioning industry. Excerpts:

First of all, I congratulate you and your team for holding such a successful ISK-SODEX 2019 exhibition. Can you tell us about the highlights of this exhibition?
This year’s ISK-SODEX, held on October 2–5, 2019, was more successful than ever. Once again, we united stakeholders from all industries and allowed for significant international business volume and commercial connections. This year, ISK-SODEX hosted 1,021 exhibitors from 36 countries in a net stand area of 44,804 square metres. We had 85,371 visitors, 12 per cent of whom were foreigners. Visited by 10,027 foreigners from 106 countries, ISK-SODEX set a new record with a 4-per cent increase in foreign visitors compared to 2018.

How does this year’s exhibition contribute to the global air-conditioning industry?
The air-conditioning industry is a growing one with an annual global trade volume of nearly $1.5 trillion. And lately, it has also become an industry on the upsurge in Turkey. The products are manufactured at international standards and exported to over 200 countries. The Turkish air-conditioning industry is a driving force in national exports and aims to achieve $5 billion in exports by the end of 2019. Considerable steps have also been taken to encourage companies and ensure the sustainability of this growth. These advantages and Turkey’s geopolitical location make ISK-SODEX the most significant and leading international air conditioning systems exhibition in the Eurasia region.

International companies recognise Turkey’s potential and are willing to come here to establish new partnerships. ISKSODEX is a very important platform that helps connect Turkish manufacturers of national and international companies with local and international customers.

Thousands of buyers over 100 countries came to Istanbul to participate in B2B meetings held as a part of ISK-SODEX 2019 and to meet with ISK-SODEX exhibitors. At the end of
the four-day exhibition, our exhibitors expressed their appreciation. Turkish exhibitors have realised new achievements, particularly with the new contracts they signed with foreign customers. Organised every two years since 1997, ISK-SODEX has greatly contributed to both the Turkish and global air-conditioning industries and will continue to do so.

What will the next ISK-SODEX focus on? How will it differ to 2019’s exhibition?
We try to improve ISK-SODEX every year. In 2021, the exhibition will offer yet another unforgettable experience in line with the industry’s new trends and exhibitors’ needs.
During the exhibition, we’ll gather every element of the air-conditioning industry and carry out support programs aimed at helping it. We will offer exhibitors and visitors new opportunities to meet, make new business contacts, and share knowledge and experience.

Do you have any plans to attract more visitors and exhibitors from the Indian market?
The Indian and Turkish air-conditioning industries have become closer every year in line with the rising number of commercial partnerships between the two countries. Turkey
considers India as an important commercial partner. Therefore, we believe, India and other countries in the Indian subcontinent are also important markets for ISK-SODEX, too. For our upcoming ISK – SODEX edition which will held between 29 September – 2 October 2021, we expect to have more attraction from the Indian market, too.