VTS is becoming a stable name in the Indian market, as they redefine the air curtain category through their new innovation that comes with a very unique design which complements the décor of every interior.

WING by VTS, the Air Curtain, is the new generation device created from passion for a light and modern design representing characteristics of gliders. It gives an impression of a minimal housing with a streamlined form of a wing that seems to float in the air. This innovation combines the matchless design and incomparable efficiency to redefine the air curtain image. WING being one of the quietest air curtain in the market, has both functional and aesthetic qualities while it meets the current requirements of being energy efficient equipment.

As we know, air curtain or air doors are mainly used in the places where the doors need to stay open operationally or required to open very frequently. The forceful turbulence created by this device prevents the flying insects, impure air and other pollution outside from mixing with the inside air of the premise. As every other air curtain, WING excels in its fundamental function which is keeping the chilled air inside at its utmost purity. But what makes WING different from other air curtains in the market is its unique features.

Save More with EC Motor

The modern design of the EC motor and fan inside ensures up to 40 per cent energy saving compared to old generation models. Application of EC motors and precisely developed rotor, special solutions reducing air flow resistance and air structuring device blades helps WING in keeping it promise of energy efficient equipment. Along with this, the device obtains the required air stream range and the outstandingly short start-up time to full performance.

Simple Cleaning, Galvanised Steel Casing

The optimised construction of the covers enables easy cleaning for the air curtain and it does not require the disassembly of any part, always ensuring hygienic operation. Also it provides a long-term protection against corrosion and consistent aesthetic qualities with the help of its double coating (galvanization + powder paint). It is another uniqueness that it offers smart door protection. Air curtain with advanced WING EC controller may perform according to the door opening sensor. Smart Door protection gives you not only permanent temperature comfort but also secure inside environment from dust, pollution, insects and unpleasant scents. The innovative and aesthetic shape of the WING curtain complements its unrivalled perfection.

Another notable feature of WING is that it can be mounted horizontally and vertically. Due to the slim design, very small height of the housing and the inclined air inlet, the device may be mounted in a limited space above the door without any effect on performance.

Unique Diamond Design

The unavoidable specialty of WING is its magnificent design. The company’s Board Product Advisor, Zbigniew Wnukowicz’s states; “The design is one of the best tools for providing innovative solutions that place the users’ needs in the centre. Streamlined WING topped up with the side cover with a diamond shape which is nearly invisible is the fruit of the engineering idea, which led to designing the device structure in a manner that ensures subtlety that ideally matches any interiors in functional and aesthetic terms.”

The diamond style side panels hide the excellent components in an innovative curtain body to set new standards for air curtains. It not only protects the inlet of the engine cooling system but also fulfills an inspective function.

This product has started to gain much attention in the Indian market where as it is already creating a place for itself in the world market. WING is very well suitable for restaurants, hotels, public venues, shopping malls, medical facilities, and even for department stores.

WING helps to increase the customer comfort, keeping them happy. It manages the surroundings at its best, keeping warm or cool as required, making it a comfortable and smoke free environment. And when you have such a modern design air curtain which goes accurately with every interior, it just adds value to your brand. Along with that your usage of an air curtain for a clean environment promotes the importance of a healthy and hygienic environment to the customers. Let’s WING take the charge to create a better tomorrow.

Undoubtedly the design of WING looks splendid and it adds to the beauty of any building. The unique and modern design of this Air Curtain is one of a kind in the market and definitely is a matchup to today’s changing architectural world.

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