Cyclohnic is being used in a poultry farm...

Until now, the way to clean the air that animals breathe in the livestock industry was installing filtration systems with passive technology or with mechanical ventilation with external air renewal. Airtècnics has developed an effective air purifier with active technologies for spaces with large volatile organic particle contamination, such as in farms.

Cyclohnic is an air purifier to be installed hanging from the ceiling, the purification reaches a space of up to 300 cubic metres and it is made of stainless steel to guarantee the necessary resistance in such corrosive environments as the spaces where animals are kept.


The main feature of this innovative product is that it is suctioned through a cyclonic filter with a tank in which the larger VOCs are precipitated. This has a cap for easy emptying when full. It also has a G4 filter that protects the internal components of the box, with efficiency in accordance with the EN779 standard.

In addition, it works with the dual action of OH and photocatalysis technologies, which generate a chain reaction of hydroxyl radicals and reactive oxygen species, respectively. These natural principles of environmental sanitisation thanks to:

  • OH technology: It generates hydroxyl radicals that mineralise most of the pollutants present in the environment by up to 99.9%. It is effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi and bad smells; it reduces environmental pollution of volatile organic compounds and suspended particles.
  • Kleenfan pantented technology: It is produced thanks to the photocatalytic action of an ultraviolet LED (which is hidden in the box and is not harmful to animals or people) that affects the turbine bathed in titanium dioxide.
Cyclohnic is being used in a pigs’ farm…

Any type of livestock farming, where pollutants are generated due to the nature of the activity, can benefit from the installation of this air purification device: pigs, sheep, cattle, horses, poultry, etc. This device helps to mineralise and inactivate the main causes of casualties and diseases such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, other formaldehyde, as well as other pathogenic micro-organisms (viruses and bacteria).

Easy maintenance

It is a low consumption device. It works on “Plug and Play” for 24 hours a day without the need for any type of regulation. Thanks to the low noise level, it will not disturb the welfare of the animals.

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