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Cold Chain Partner to the world’s largest covid vaccination drive in India, refrigeration expert Godrej & Boyce launches ‘made in India’ ultra-low-temperature freezers (below -80°C). It has been partnering the world’s largest vaccination drive in India and in other parts of the world. Its advanced, made in India, medical refrigeration solutions safeguard sensitive vaccines at just the right temperature. It has launched state-of-the-art Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers which can preserve life-saving medical supplies including mRNA-based vaccines, below -80°C, thus boosting global medical cold chain in the anti-Covid drive. These are built for reliability, ensuring continuous operations with CO2/NO2 backup systems.

The brand offers WHO PQS pre-certified vaccine refrigerators (2-8°C), blood bank refrigerators and deep freezers (-20°C), ULTFs (below -80°C) and will soon be introducing mobile and passive cold chain solutions for last mile distribution. Jamshyd Godrej, Chairman and MD, Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Ltd., shared, “Today, nations across the globe are facing challenges in running effective covid-19 vaccination programs, due to inadequate cold chain equipment. With Godrej’s decades of expertise in refrigeration technology, the brand offers a range of Made in India for the World, advanced cold storage solutions for vaccines and life-saving supplies that can help governments across the world in their fight against Covid-19.”

Kamal Nandi, Business Head and EVP, Godrej Appliances added,” The newly introduced Godrej ultra-low-temperature freezers have a wide range of critical applications like mRNA-based vaccine storage, blood banks, organ storage, pharma cold chain, testing laboratories, animal husbandry, food cold chain, etc.” Godrej Appliances has expanded across categories including medical refrigerators and manufactures 3Mn appliances annually.

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