Grundfos Se1 Pump Stube Impeller

Grundfos India has introduced its innovative SE1 pump with an S-tube impeller catering to the wastewater treatment processes. Integrated with motors, hydraulics and seamless functionality, intelligent SE1 solutions are the most efficient wastewater pumps. Grundfos SE range of pumps with an S-tube impeller has also been able to significantly boost energy savings in wastewater operations, while simultaneously reducing the number of jamming related incidents.

S-tube unique proposition

The front and backplate of the closed S-tube optimise the leak flow into the cavities between the rotating impeller and the stationary pump housing.

The non-compromised inner diameter of the S-tube is uniform, reducing the chance of clogging, even with a relatively low volume of transportation fluid as found in modern-day wastewater.

Consequent hydraulic efficiency gains drive down energy costs for the end-user.

The lack of a leading-edge has the benefit of significantly lowering NPSH inside the centrifugal pump where the hydraulic system is most prone to cavitation.

Pump applications

This cutting-edge solution is ideal for processes with a higher volume of water/liquid flow.

They are used to handle wastewater, process water and unscreened water processes in municipalities, utility and industrial applications.