China Refrigeration has recognised Hecu CO2 as the Innovation Product 2019 in the Refrigeration category. The panel awarded Hecu CO2 as a cutting-edge solution for the efficient use of natural refrigerants and underlined the potential of this system for widespread use in China. Hecu sistema is the CAREL high-efficiency solution for condensing units that use BLDC compressors driven by DC inverters, also available for natural refrigerants. It offers a wide range of cooling capacity modulation, so as to ensure low energy consumption at all times, especially at part load.

Hecu sistema also stands out for real-time communication with the refrigeration units, allowing the implementation of advanced system optimisation logic, with dynamic set points and stable control, guaranteeing perfect food preservation and reducing food waste.

“For the third consecutive year, CAREL technology has received one of the most prestigious industry awards”, commented Eason Cheng, Marketing Manager – Refrigeration, APAC. He further added, “In 2018 the award went to the EmJ modulating ejector, while in 2017 Heos system was shortlisted. These awards are confirmation that our research and development are heading in the right direction, and that CAREL’s efforts to be at the forefront at all times are being welcomed by the market.”