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Access to cooling has emerged as a fundamental issue of equity, and as temperatures hit record levels, this could also mean the difference between life or death for some. According to a recent report by Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), there are over 1.1 billion people globally face immediate risks from lack of access to cooling. The report reveals that 9 countries including India have the biggest populations facing significant cooling access risks. It is therefore essential to close the cooling access gaps for economic growth and overall development. This issue of Cooling India features extensive ideas of keeping different areas cool!

Cold chain, a temperature-controlled supply chain, plays an important role in our daily life, especially in food and pharmaceuticals industries. However, India is short by 10 million
tonnes of cold storage capacity and over 50,000 refrigerated trucks due to which over 30 per cent of agricultural produce goes waste every year apart from the fact that more than 20 per cent of produce from fields that gets lost due to poor post harvesting facilities and lack of cold chain infrastructure. Today, less than 3 per cent of farm and horticultural produce goes on cold chain whereas in the case of pharmaceuticals sector, around 25 per
cent of vaccines go waste due to lack of cold chain.

With increasing awareness and advent of advanced technologies, cold chain industry is transforming from traditional quantity stores for standalone commodities to quality cold chain – integrating various missing links. A CRISIL Research report published early this year anticipates that the cold chain industry to register a CAGR of 13-15 per cent in the five fiscals through 2022, compared with 11-13 per cent in the previous five. This will
swell the industry to Rs 47,200 crore in fiscal 2022 from Rs 24,800 crore in fiscal 2017.

This special issue on cold chain logistics industry highlights the potential opportunities, key market trends, technological innovations, product update etc. The issue also highlights the key trends impacting the cold chain logistics industry. Hope you enjoy reading this issue as always. Do send in your comments to me at pravita@charypublications.in 

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