Smart World of Testo

Refrigeration system maintenance is becoming almost easy, thanks to Testo’s smart measuring technology.

Worldwide, the refrigeration industry is growing in a big way in terms of warehousing, large buildings, malls, residential cooling and many more. In the recent times, we have seen the approach of the industry to reach to the next level with the inclusion of digital instruments, smart processes and equipment to serve faster and better. The industry has adopted the blend of smart technology and digital processes to become not only digital but smart and to infuse the concept of smart technology.

Being the world leader in measurement technology, Testo has introduced the technological leap in refrigeration industry with its new smart manifolds which works through an app on smartphones or tablets making every day refrigeration tasks easier. Smartphone operation allows you to manage everything at your fingertips with the most comfortable gadget that deal with user’s everyday life. Testo also has existing eight smart probes which were the result of innovation in developing smart and compact measuring instruments which can be connected to smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and conveniently and intuitively operated via app. Taking a step ahead, Testo introduces 3 new smart probes in its basket with advancements – namely new testo 605i (thermohygrometer), new testo 549i (high pressure measuring instrument) and new testo 115i (clamp thermometer).

Smart Technology – the new transition
There has been a consistent transition in the measurement technology like the testo 570 digital manifold equips user to measure, analyse and log – among other things – pressure, temperature, electricity, vacuum measurements and temperature compensated tightness tests. The pressure gauge is ideal for all measurement tasks on refrigeration systems and heat pumps. Then came the change from the regular digital manifold to a smarter measuring technology which is particularly worthwhile for the refrigeration industry because many different parameters, such as pressures and temperatures, along with the superheating and sub-cooling of the system, became easy to measure.

These digital manifolds with app control such as the testo 550 or the testo 557 save all other additional instruments and turn smartphone or tablet into an efficient all round tool instead. These instruments are perfect for the complete servicing of heat pumps, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The digital manifold kits testo 550 and testo 557 stand out, thanks to two clamp probes, a vacuum probe (testo 557 only), the robust case, and above all the respective filling hose set. Linked by Bluetooth to the testo refrigeration app, the manifolds now make work even easier. This means user can for example measure pressure and temperature values quickly and easily, or carry out a temperature-compensated tightness test, and read out the measuring values conveniently on the smartphone, irrespective of the measuring location. System parameters such as sub-cooling and superheating can be monitored from up to 20 meters via a smartphone or tablet.

Where data have until now still been analysed by printing out the measurement protocol and laboriously saved on the PC, all measurement results can now be graphically displayed and immediately dispatched on site by e-mail – whether to the office or to the customer. And the user can also update and extend the list of the most common refrigerants stored on the instrument at any time via the app.

As a habit to strive for more, Testo has also launched 3 new smart measuring instruments (known as Smart Probes) in addition to the existing set. Considered to be the smartest development in refrigeration technology, these probes are available in tailor-made sets which are better and focused kits including testo smart case for heating, VAC, RAC, HVAC applications.

The professional and compact testo 549i high-pressure measuring instrument is redesigned and its connection is angled at 45° for easy mounting. It can be controlled via the testo Smart Probes App using a smartphone or tablet and is ideal for carrying out servicing and troubleshooting on air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The app also enables evaporation and condensation temperatures to be calculated automatically. Testo offers the user greater mobility when measuring: used in conjunction with smartphone or tablet, the handy testo 549i high-pressure measuring instrument is suitable for carrying out wireless servicing and troubleshooting on air conditioning and refrigeration systems, as well as for installing them. The measuring instrument can be set up quickly, directly at the pressure connection and with the angled design the mounting becomes easier. Also, no hoses are required for measurements, meaning that no or only very little refrigerant is lost. When used in conjunction with the testo 115i clamp thermometer, individual refrigeration system parameters can also be calculated.

Combined with a smartphone or tablet, the testo 115i clamp thermometer is the ideal temperature measuring instrument for carrying out servicing and troubleshooting on air conditioning and refrigeration systems, as well as for installing them. It can also be used to measure flow and return temperatures.

The new testo 605i has thinner probe tip which is ideal for smaller measurement apertures and openings to measure humidity and temperature. It also has a stable magnetic holder given at the back for secure attachment. Not only that, the new testo 605i has a bendable probe feature which makes measurement more comfortable at the outlets, vents or at any other difficult to access locations. The new Smart Probes testo 115i, testo 605i and testo 549i have an extended Bluetooth range of up to 100 metres. With the telescope of the testo 405i, your reach is extended by 400 mm in ventilation duct measurements.

Clearly, refrigeration system maintenance is becoming almost easy, thanks to Testo’s smart measuring technology. Because App-controlled manifolds make additional measuring instruments superfluous, streamline user’s entire work process and save a lot of effort as well as loads of valuable time. Respective technicians with advanced smart probe can conduct their on-field measurement tasks, record and share the data by using his smart phone. Now day-to-day work finally becomes part of your own smart world too.

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