Like most of the THIRDREALITY products, the Temperature and Humidity Sensor is a standard ZigBee device, so it supports most ZigBee hubs (compatible with HomeAssistant, SmartThings 2015/2018, Hubitat, THIRDREALITY smart hub, Eero 6, Eero Pro 6, Aeotec and so on) and echo devices with ZigBee hub built-in. Not only that, but it will also provide stable and safe connection and will not be burdensome on WIFI environment (too many WIFI devices may be the cause of unstable and slow speed of WIFI). And equipped with LCD display and refreshed every 20 seconds, the screen can be read distinctly and has the feature of low energy consumption when showing information.

The design of its kickstand is such that it can be placed almost anywhere. If the sensor detects that the indoor temperature is too high, it is harmful to human bodies (lack of water, skin problems and so on), but if it is too low people may get a cold; identically, if the air indoor is too dry, kids may get nosebleed. And after adding the Temperature and Humidity Sensor to any smart home and smart phone, users can better manage their home via the integration of other smart devices. When the temperature and the humidity is over the range of preset, the phone will send instant notification – so that the user can adjust other smart devices (such as air condition, fan, humidifier and so on). Or the user can create his/her ideal scenario – when the temperature is over the preset figure, the smart blind will automatically go down to insulate from heat and the fan will be on. Considering the cases before, Temperature and Humidity Sensor becomes essential.

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