Representative image by mohamed_hassan from Pixabay

The clearly designed and customizable BlueCool Connect app from Webasto
now controls BlueCool air conditioners regardless of their location. This allows
skippers to set a comfortable on-board temperature in advance via smartphone,
tablet or PC with individual control for each room. This means the user commences
his/her voyage in relaxingly cool spaces right from the start – even when ambient
temperatures are high or the boat gets direct sunlight.

As the app’s user interface is clearly designed, users can assign a unique name
to each cabin. There is a live display of current room temperatures. With just a few
clicks, temperature settings and blower levels in the individual cabins are directly
adjusted as desired or pre-programmed up to 24 hours in advance. For on-board
operation, the BlueCool Connect control unit can also be connected to existing
multifunction displays, like all of the Garmin OneHelm systems.

The app is connected locally via an on-board WiFi Direct signal, or via the mobile
network using the BlueCool Connect control unit’s integrated SIM card. Practical and
time-saving: Should a BlueCool air conditioner ever malfunction, remote technical
maintenance by customer service is possible via the mobile connection.

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